About New Century Group

A top 5 of the largest Chinese luxury hotel groups

The new New Century Hotel Frankfurt-Offenbach is the first European hotel project of New Century Hotel Group in Germany and Europe. New Century is a Chinese investment and tourism group, which keeps its core business in the hotel sector. The Group has several hotel brands and created therefore a high added value in China. With over 26,000 employees working at more than 200 companies, including real estate and construction businesses, the New Century Group is in the top 100 service enterprises of China, in the top 500 private enterprises in China, in the top 20 companies in the tourism sector. The brands of the hotel group include the Grand New Century, New Century Resort, New Century Hotel, Grand House, New Century Manju Hotel, Maison New Century, Wonderland Resorts, Kaiyuan Life, Wonderland RV Camp and New Century Senbo Resorts. The company's portfolio includes 250 hotels with over 60,000 rooms across China in the main business centers for tourism and business, including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

In 2013, the company acquired the hotel area of the earlier Golden Tulip Hotel in Offenbach Kaiserlei. The New Century Hotel Frankfurt Offenbach is the first hotel of the group in Germany and the first step of expansion into Europe. With the purchase of the first property in Germany, the New Century Hotel Group has paved the way positioning their Chinese hotel concept into international competition.